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New installation package for the web/app server in IKAROS versions 2023.1 Release and 2022.2 P3 due to correction of faulty print tray control

We would like to inform you that the following error was noticed after the release of version 2023.1 Release on 23rd November 2023 or…

ELT: New URLs for Judicial Services

The URLs for ID providers and the provisioning service of the justice system have changed. The following new addresses must be stored in the…

JobScheduler version 2.6.4 released for IKAROS

JobScheduler version 2.6.4 is now approved for IKAROS G4. Microsoft JDBC Driver 7 for SQL Server is required for database communication. JobScheduler allows you…

IKAROS-ERV: New version of the signature component available

Since January 1, 2024, a signature could no longer be created with the signature component for IKAROS. To correct this, a new version (…