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Why do so many companies choose IKAROS?
A frequently mentioned reason is that the software already offers comprehensive solutions in the standard version and offers numerous customizing options for additional requirements.

Another argument often mentioned is that IKAROS processes the procedures in a highly automated way and is extremely reliable.

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Working with IKAROS

Time gained
The high degree of automation in IKAROS makes it possible to process a mass of data within a very short time. Many cases pass through the system according to your specifications as far as possible autonomously. For example, you can devote more time to those processes where an individual and sensitive approach is appropriate.
A good feeling
The workflows used in IKAROS optimally support all collection processes. The case follows the individually defined process in the workflow. Be it pre-judicial steps, incoming payments, instalment agreements or replies from credit agencies - the software always takes the right path and nothing is forgotten. In this way you will achieve the desired result quickly and reliably. If you want to further optimize your processes or record new events, the Workflow Editor provides you with an intuitive tool to easily adapt existing processes or create new ones.
In accordance
with the law
Through close cooperation with legal experts, we ensure that you can always use IKAROS in compliance with legal requirements. Be it the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 05/2018), the German law against dubious business practices (GguG, 11/2014) or the current draft law to improve the consumer protection in debt collection - the software enables you to work in compliance with the law.
You have it easy
A structured and appealing interface, full keyboard operability and easily comprehensible processes are just some of the features that make working with IKAROS so pleasant. The flood of data belonging to a case is focused on the most important information for case management. Additional information, documents and further steps are often only a click away. Thus, everyone is able to use IKAROS independently within a short time.
Work where you want
As a web-based application, you can basically access IKAROS from anywhere. Regardless of time and place, the operating system or the mobile device used, you work in the way that suits you best. Among other things, this enables you to react quickly.
Unlimitedly happy
Do you have a company in a neighbouring European country or would you like to collect claims there? IKAROS offers you the necessary country-specific features for a direct entry. For example, the software supports the norm for the exchange of electronic debt collection data between creditors and debt collection offices in Switzerland (eSchKG).
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You want to work efficiently and motivated? You expect that a software application will support you in your actions in an optimal way? You may even expect more than that - a product that offers you new ways of doing things that you have not yet considered.

Let IKAROS convince you - and surprise you.

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Integration capability

As a modern, cloud-based debt collection software, IKAROS can be conveniently embedded in a heterogeneous IT landscape. Smooth communication with other systems in the company is of great importance, in order to ensure that the processes within the components are consistent. Nothing stands in the way of the goal of the greatest possible digitalization and automation.
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Maximum customizing

IKAROS is a standard software. Every company is individual. Accordingly, a software must be able to adapt easily to the special features. IKAROS is therefore designed in such a way that it can be flexibly adapted to any company. One of the highlights compared to other solutions is, for example, that you can not only select from given parameters, but also add new parameters independently. So, you can use the practice-tested basic configuration together with your exclusive setups in a complete system from one source.
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Growth and performance are of high importance for your company. IKAROS supports you optimally. The software is scalable both horizontally and vertically. Moreover, there is the possibility of a functional separation of the servers, so that nothing stands in the way of high performance.
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Workflow management

The core of IKAROS. It supports you optimally in the automatic control of your business processes. You can use the workflows delivered in the standard system or adapt them to your requirements. You can also create your own workflows. The graphical Workflow Editor is the basic tool that you can use without programming knowledge. Using drag & drop, you can easily create your workflows and decide how automated or customized the workflows of case management are to be implemented. Once the workflow has been created, IKAROS reacts consistently to incoming events such as payments, postal returns, phone calls, etc. and processes your cases in a traceable manner. The versioning concept of workflows ensures clean case management at every point in the process, even when changes are made to existing workflows. With the sketch mode in the workflow management, you also have a special tool at your disposal. Just like on a digital whiteboard, you can easily create drafts, model processes and transfer them into a finished workflow.
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Customizable interface

The IKAROS interface is displayed as a website in the browser. It can be individually adapted by the user. For example, fields can be dynamically deactivated or completely hidden. In addition, input fields and tabs can be inserted or rearranged, column layouts can be changed or custom list views can be defined. Make IKAROS your IKAROS.
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Multi-company capability

Larger companies and groups often combine several business units under one roof. With IKAROS, the daily business of several of these units can be run with separate databases in one and the same server landscape.
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Joint and several claims

IKAROS already supports the processing of joint and several configurations in a full way. Joint and several claims, i.e. cases that consist not only of a main case but also of subcases, can be freely extended, even if the case is already being processed.
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Internal and external relationships

IKAROS differentiates between the internal and external relationships in payment allocation. In order to ensure the greatest possible transparency and assignment of the parties involved in a debt collection, a clear separation between internal and external relationships is made in IKAROS. The internal relationship is between creditor and collection company, the external relationship between creditor and debtor. This configuration has a particularly positive effect on clearing.
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IKAROS is successfully used by internationally operating companies. The functional requirements are constantly adapted in IKAROS. The following functions, among others, ensure smooth processing of the collection processes: Multi-currency capability Multilingual interface Support of all interest calculation methods commonly used in Europe (including German and English interest calculation methods, European interest calculation or on a daily basis – each with interest on the first or last day) eSchKG in Switzerland Payment agreement order in France Camt & Pain formats
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Discover the appropriate IKAROS edition

The requirements that a company places on a debt collection software are very different: the demands of a start-up differ significantly from those of an internationally operating group - a debt collection company sets different priorities than a law firm.

In order to enable precisely-tailored solutions, IKAROS was designed in four editions: IKAROS starter, IKAROS basic, IKAORS plus and IKAROS enterprise.

Which edition suits you best?

Does the number of files exceed 1,000?

Would you like to use the extensive possibilities for automation of IKAROS?

What type of company do you belong to?

Is your company internationally oriented, i.e. do you also operate cross-border or do you have your company headquarters in other European countries?

IKAROS starter Kachel
IKAROS basic Kachel
IKAROS plus Kachel
IKAROS enterprise Kachel
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Good to know

How do we ensure that you can work with a practice-tested, modern, technically leading and legally compliant IKAROS?

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At present, 55 employees in two product development departments are responsible for implementing the requirements of users, the market, advancing technology and constantly changing legislation in IKAROS and looking for something new.

Of course, these employees receive additional support from all other Ferber-Software departments.

The cooperation is based on agile methods, in joint developer rounds, through regular exchange among each other and of course through the consultation of technical experts such as the Federal Association of German Debt Collectors (BDIU), partners and from the judicial system.

IKAROS Solution Store - Titel mit Bild

The IKAROS Solution Store (ISS) is a platform on which complementary solutions for IKAROS are offered.

Selected partner companies as well as experienced IKAROS users have developed these solutions. A corresponding test by Ferber-Software ensures that the offered supplements can be used in practice.

In addition, Ferber-Software takes care of both first-level support and clearing for the solutions offered here, so that our clients can continue to address us as a reliable partner.

If you have any questions about our ISS, we will be happy to answer them: vertrieb@ferber-software.de


Users speak for users

IKAROS lives on new ideas. But where do the ideas come from, and how do they find their way into the software?

The IKAROS users play a major role in this. In addition to the legal requirements and our own thoughts, there are the clients’ suggestions that extend the functional spectrum of the software and keep it practical.
Naturally, a client will always find a personal contact person in direct contact to discuss ideas.

Additionally, there are two platforms in particular that invite the exchange of ideas: the IKAROS user meeting and the IKAROS user advisory council.

User meeting

Every autumn we invite to the IKAROS user meeting. The two-day event is very popular with our clients and attracts a higher number of visitors every year.

There is something for everyone:

  • Workshops on current topics from the sector, legislation and all about IKAROS
  • Report of the IKAROS user advisory council
  • Prominent guest speakers and experts
  • Exhibition of the partner companies
  • Joint evening event

During the breaks, interactive workshops and of course during the joint evening there are always lively discussions among the users and of course with our representatives on site.

This year we will be inviting to Brunswick. Note the 10th and 11th October 2024 in your calendars now.

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User advisory council

A total of ten regular members and up to five deputies form the IKAROS user advisory council as an interface between the user community and Ferber-Software.

The members are directly elected at the annual user meeting every three years.

The advisory council meets quarterly to discuss the proposals and suggestions submitted, initially in the circle of experts. If an idea meets with approval in terms of practical suitability and general usability, it is passed on to the Ferber-Software development department in the interest of all users. This body also has an advisory function.

The next advisory council will take place on 22 April 2020.

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