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Since the first IKAROS user in 1990, we have built on a trusting cooperation with our clients and partners. Openness and honesty are values we live by and not an advertising message. They are the basic prerequisite for securing long-term business relationships. It is the satisfaction of our users – both with IKAROS and with the performance of our team that drives us to be professionally and technically up to date.

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Our performances

The personal standard software – this is IKAROS used at the client’s. Depending on your wishes, IKAROS can be used directly or adapted to your exact requirements in a flexible way. Our experienced IT consultants speak your language and support you in implementing your solution.


Our solution for your debt collection: IKAROS.
The task of every debt collection software is to support you optimally in your collection processes. With IKAROS you are on the safe side.

Secure your competitive advantage through practice-tested and well thought-out functionality as well as the greatest possible automation and the numerous customizing options in IKAROS.

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Every company has its own realities, special requirements and always its own team. Our IT consultants speak your language.

Technically, they have extensive knowledge about IKAROS. Humanly, they bring the right amount of sensitivity.

What our clients say

Sandra Szech

“Success in long-term collection at LZI is no coincidence. It originates from special know-how, highly developed IT and the use of BI. The IKAROS debt collection software from Ferber enables our employees to talk to debtors at the right time and generate income from securities that have often already been written off. Therefore, our clients will continue to benefit from yesterday's receivables tomorrow.”

Sandra Szech

Managing Director of the HFG Group

Rémy Küng

“With our services, we support our clients in securing their liquidity. With a high degree of automation, IKAROS gives us the freedom to concentrate on our core business. In this way, we maintain the satisfaction of our clients and strengthen our position in the market.
Together with the Ferber-Software team, we are constantly expanding the technical spectrum of IKAROS in order to be able to optimally meet new requirements of the Swiss collection process.”

Rémy Küng

Member of the Board of Directors of Inkasso Küng AG:

Oliver Hoffmann

“The decision for IKAROS enterprise was of future-oriented importance for our company. By using modern software, we want to remain competitive in the age of digitalisation, increase our attractiveness as an employer and make the dedicated work for our clients even more successful.

Looking back, I can say with a clear conscience that the decision to work with Ferber-Software was absolutely right.”

Oliver Hoffmann

Managing Partner GREIF Handelsauskunftei und Inkasso Stephan GmbH

“We think globally. IKAROS supports us optimally in offering collection services internationally. The software convinces with its professionalism and a high degree of flexibility. This enables us to meet the most diverse requirements without great effort.”

Stephan Kürpick

Vice President IT, Arvato Financial Solutions

Our solution for your debt collection


IKAROS supports all collection processes in a highly automated way with optimally coordinated components.

 New ideas, innovations or individual adaptations can be flexibly and quickly integrated into the existing functions.

Ferber-Software Produkt - Notebook IKAROS Illustration

Discover the appropriate
edition of our debt
collection software

The demands placed on a debt collection software can be very different. In order to optimally cover the needs of our clients from different sectors and with different company sizes, we offer IKAROS in four different editions.

IKAROS starter Kachel
IKAROS basic Kachel
IKAROS plus Kachel
IKAROS enterprise Kachel

You decide where
you want to go

Whatever concept you work with IKAROS assists you.
The classic way is to buy the software licences. There is a portfolio of available modules, which depending on the IKAROS edition are already included in the standard version or can be added as required.

Besides purchasing, we also offer our software to rent or as SaaS (Software as a Service).


IKAROS as Software as a Service offers you completely new possibilities. You use the software, we take care of the rest.

Preisangabe - from 395€ per Month
LEASING Icon (bold)

This variant is an attractive way to start with IKAROS and at the same time keep the running costs low. Especially for smaller collection companies and start-ups, the rental from IKAROS starter onwards is an economically interesting entry.

Preisangabe - from 95€ per Month

Trust a software tested
by the German technical inspection
association (TÜV)

IKAROS is the first standard debt collection software awarded a quality seal from the German technical inspection association (TÜV). This quality seal confirms that IKAROS meets the high legal and quality requirements for a debt collection software.

On course for growth for 30 years

The signs have been pointing to growth for almost three decades. Our team is continuously strengthening to cover the growing functionality, technical innovations and increasing automation in IKAROS.

At the same time, we can ensure the satisfaction of the increasing number of users at home and abroad.

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Ferber-Software - an established company
with the spirit of a start-up!
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What drives us?
Every single one of us.